Pay Here

Tasarımcı: Gözde Mimiko Türkkan

Gözde Mimiko Türkkan'ın fotoğraf ve sanatçı kitaplarından oluşan "Pay Here" projesininin 2 ciltlik kitap serisi

  • 2 cilt
  • 210 x 148.5 mm
  • 1. Cilt - elle yapıştırılmış fotoğrafçı baskılar, 116 sayfa
  • 2. Cilt - senaryovari yazı, 64 sayfa
  • 50 Edisyon, sanatçı tarafından imzalanmış ve numaralandırılmış 

Kitap videosu:

Pay Here (2010) focuses on investigating gender politics and especially the female identity and sexuality, aiming for a reflexion on gender roles issues, versatility of the (my) female identity, gender’s power/dominance relations through my experience, while making use of prejudices, preconceptions, clichés etc. and break them down at the same time. 

Pay Here Artist's Books (a set of 2 volumes) represent the feelings of horror, disgust, envy, hunger, absurdity related to the gender politics and a world which got off the rails. Volume 1 consist of hand-glued (stuck) photos and Volume 2 of a script-like essay.

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